About us

ET Edge

Times Conferences Ltd. functional under the brand name ET Edge is an Economic Times subsidiary, founded to empower multiple industries and segments by sharing critical business knowledge through strategic conferences and summits. Encompassing the Indian business vista, ET Edge would strive to bring together visionaries and key leaders on its knowledge platforms to create social and business ecology, conducive to the positive changes required by the industry.

The main aim of this initiative is to channel global business intelligence through summits and conferences in overarching lectures, hands-on workshops, panels, roundtables and case studies. The forums would ensure senior decision makers are equipped with information to respond to challenges they face not just in India but also globally.

Over the years the business intends that their platforms would grow into knowledge destination where industry stalwarts not only perceive these platforms as sole point of receiving critical information but also forging relationships at a global level.

To ensure that these platforms are unrivalled hubs for seeking information in the vertical they cater to, agenda for each conference is designed after extensive market research with core practitioners, experts, leading trend setters and policy influencers of industry. Visionaries and industry stalwarts contributing as speakers will only ensure that these platforms will be number one meeting grounds for the industry. Our delegates are key management personnel and decision makers who can further enrich the summits with their crucial insights and varied experience. Partners associated with us have strong standing within the industry they belong to and we as organisers aspire to bring about radical change we wish to achieve with growing Indian economy.


Our vision is to create knowledge platforms across multiple industries that would connect, engage, and empower businesses to define their future strategy & direction, develop growth opportunities and address problems facing their respective sectors.